Monday, December 13, 2010

Overview of test instructions

Curl Up Test Assessment of Abdominal Strength and Endurance
Test Objective- Complete as many curl ups as possible up to a maximum of 75 at a specific pace.
Test Instructions-
1.      Select a partner.
2.      Partner A will perform curl ups first and partner B will count making sure that they complete the curl ups correctly.
3.      Partners will switch turns when the other one has finished.

You must lie in the supine position; Knees bent at 140 degrees, feet flat on the floor, legs slightly apart. Hands will be placed on the thighs and will slide up until the knees to perform a curl up.

You will be listening to a tape stating when to go up and when to go down. Make sure you do not go ahead or fall behind the tape.
Scoring- your score is the number of curl ups you performed. They are to be counted when students head returns to the mat. Counting will be done after the 2nd incorrect curl up. One incorrect curl up is permitted.
Assessment Trial #2
What Is Your Goal?
Number of Curl Ups performed and category you fall under: ________
Boys                                                                            Girls
0-23 Below Average/ Needs Improvement    0-17 Below Average/ Needs Improvement
24-44  Average/ Healthy                                 18-35  Average/ Healthy
45-75 Above Average/Fit                               36-75  Above Average/ Fit

Post Assessment Questions:
1.      Did you meet your goal?

2.      What will you do to improve and meet your goal in and outside of class?

3.      Did your score improve, decrease, or remained the same from the last assessment?

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