Monday, December 13, 2010

Preparation for assessment

Student lies supine on mat with knees bent at 90° and feet on floor. Hands are placed on students thighs.
Set metronome at 40 beats per minute. At the first beep, the subject slowly lifts the shoulder blades off the mat by flexing spine until finger tips reach their knees. At the next beep, the subject slowly returns shoulder blades to mat by flattening lower back. Student repeats curl-up in time with the metronome (20 curl-ups per minute).
One repetition is counted each time shoulder blades touches the floor. Subject performs as many curl-ups as possible without stopping, for that minute. The test is terminated if the cadence is broken. 
*This will be done once a week in preparation for the assessment so that students will know what to do and feel comfortable while they are doing it.

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